Cord Cutting- Free - Noisily Festival

Cord Cutting- Free

With Jo Brierly

2 hours

We are mini Gods and Goddesses, so why are we wandering around in the mire hoping others with make the changes we see are needed in the world? Come and learn how we give our power away willy nilly; and experience a powerful shamanic ritual where you can begin to draw it back.

Cord Cutting is a shamanic ritual to reclaim our power from where we’ve left it or had it taken from us. In its essence, I’ve discovered, it is a forgiveness ritual. Then we are shown the cords that bind us to the other; the ones that no longer serve us. These are cut and cleared and energy re-purposed. That is the ritual. The ritual frees up energy that was previously locked up in old ways of being, so its good to have a new purpose in mind. It frees the stickiness one experiences with people we have difficult histories with. It enables our consciousness to see our part in the dance, so that we may act from a place of awareness and choose differently. In many instances, there is an effortless, total change in the relationship. Metaphysics taught me that our histories, our experiences, were there to shape us. Once we’ve healed from them and gleaned the gold, its time to cut them free. So we can get on with the soul work we came here to do. This ritual is a form of recapitulation.

This event is not suitable for those with complex trauma needs.

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