David Hirtenstein - Thai Massage- The art of Loving Touch - Noisily Festival

David Hirtenstein – Thai Massage- The art of Loving Touch

Thai Massage is treatment for the mind, body and soul, a sacred dance of two energies meeting, and an invitation to listen to the silent song of the heart. It can release tension, re-energise, balance and align, and give relief from chronic pain. Over time it helps to re-establish the energetic frequencies of the whole system. When we allow the whole of our being to come to stillness, and give ourselves permission to receive, then healing can occur. Thai massage invites this through a combination of dynamic movement and static pressure, with deep listening through touch, allowing the central nervous system to receive on an emotional, physical and mental level. I would like to offer individual 1 hour treatments, but also a workshop to learn the fundamental principles of Thai Massage: the art of loving touch. Each massage is a meditation in which the giver connects very deeply with the intuitive aspects of their being, and every being can learn to share this through touch


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