Ceremonial Drum Making Workshop - Noisily Festival

Ceremonial Drum Making Workshop

with Root of the Gods.

Small Drum £90 // Large Drum £120

Book via Kaboodle.

A Drum Making Workshop is a ceremonious workshop wherein you will create your own unique shamanic Panhuehuetl drum, working with wood, leather and rope. This type of drum is native to Northern Mexico and is used in Temazcal ceremonies or as a personal tool for meditation & connection. During this workshop you will be guided through the symbolic meaning of each element & to connect & put your intention into your drum whilst threading the rope & creating your instrument for life.

Shamanic Drumming is a form of drumming for the purpose of connecting with altered states. Practiced for thousands of years around the world, shamanic drumming uses a repetitive rhythm that gradually builds in intensity to a tempo of three to seven beats per second. The ascending tempo will induce light to deep trance states, inducing journeying & healing. Basically, a simple & effective technique of reaching ecstasy.

The workshop will last around 3 hours. We will be preparing your wood & leather the days before, the leather needs to be soaked in water for 10 hrs before. Expect to arrive at the circle where you will be provided with your wooden frame, leather & rope to make your drum. You will learn about the shamanic drum, the benefits & what it can represent in your life, you will then be guided through the process of threading your own drum whilst putting intention into each direction which represents each element. Next you will begin to tighten creating your final drum design. Generally after the workshop people have a real connection with their drum which is why we recommend you create your own instead of buying, this way it is truly a full expression of you.

You will finish the workshop with your very own drum for life! You will need to allow 3 days for the drum to dry before using. The leather is sourced sustainably from Ahau’s home of Guanajuato. We work with two types, (cow with pinewood) & (buffalo with oak) – in two sizes, 25cm & 35cm. The cowhide is a higher pitch whilst the buffalo is more low.

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