Heart Chakra Meditation - Noisily Festival

Heart Chakra Meditation

A transformative journey of meditation, sound, sacred blessings and breath to connect to our hearts. 

This transformative experience is designed to release energetic density from collective fear-based programming, propelling us into a new timeline of co-creation, community, and unconditional love.

❤️ When our hearts are open we experience…….

  •  Increased capacity for love and compassion
  •  Greater emotional balance and harmony
  •  Improved relationships and connections
  •  Heightened sense of empathy and understanding
  •  Enhanced ability to forgive and let go
  •  Deeper sense of inner peace and fulfillment
  •  Alignment with universal love and energy

Zoe Davenport is a speaker, writer, mentor and transformational leader. Dedicated to being a catalyst connecting others to their highest potential and wisdom within. Visit www.zoedavenport.com for more details. 

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