Kelsey Nguyen- Deep Tissue Massage - Noisily Festival

Kelsey Nguyen- Deep Tissue Massage

I am a Holistic Therapist qualifying in a few modalities: Massage Therapy; Swedish, Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy, Indian Head and Hot stone massage. Crystal healing, Energy healing, Sound Healing and Breathwork. I work with the powerful life-force energy that emanates from my hands to balance energy, release tension, energy block and bringing the body back to harmony with Nature and the Universe.

Deep tissue targets layers of muscle and the surrounding tissues. However, my massages are different as i don’t target just the muscles and tissues, I also target the stuck energies that are causing pain. I follow the meridian lines to help release all that is suppressed and to ease the pain. I also use Aromatherapy oils for relaxation.

Get in touch to book a treatment with me: instagram: @handsofagoddess_x


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