Leona and Chantelle- Holistic Guidance - Noisily Festival

Leona and Chantelle- Holistic Guidance

Leona (ethereal earth) is a well experienced qualified sound bath practitioner who has toured the UK at various festivals playing her crystal sound bowls. Leona is a level 2 reiki practitioner, Sekhem energy healing master and qualified meditation teacher. Leona is an experienced psychic and has completed her psychic development qualifications.

Chantelle (Holistic Guidance) is a 3rd generation Shamanic Healer and international celebrity psychic with publishings in OK magazine and the daily mail. Chantelle comes from a long line of healers and psychics including her Mum and Grandad and tours and practices all over the UK. Chantelle has hosted workshops, healing ceremonies and clairvoyant platform events at festivals and special evenings nationwide.

Opening your third eye and the gateway to your higher self blue lotus flower tea sound bath ceremony with Chantelle and Leona

This ceremony starts with setting an intention to connect to and open your third eye whilst listening to and exploring your higher self. Ceremonial grade blue lotus flower tea is then honoured and sipped helping you connect. Chantelle will then guide you through a beautiful meditation to open your third eye, balance your chakras and connect to your higher self whilst Leona plays and heals your energy using her crystal sound bowls.

Energy and crystal medicine healing with Chantelle and Leona
Leona will guide you through a release and let go guided meditation whilst Chantelle places cleansed and charged crystals on you and heals you with energy direct from mother earth.

Shamanic sanaga and Hapeh ceremonies
Sacred shamanic medicine ceremony with Chantelle and Leona who guide you through this releasing journey helping you to become grounded in your present.

Psychic development workshop with Chantelle and Leona
Connect to your higher self and intuition workshop with a guided meditation. Chantelle and Leona will teach you how to connect to your inner psychic abilities, how to cleanse and protect your energy before working with spirit, how to open the door to the other dimensions and how close them down. Not to be missed!

Release and let go guided meditation sound bath
Release all that no longer serves you with this guided meditation, cleanse and reset your energy with the beautiful sounds of crystal singing bowls.

Interactive platform clairvoyant readings with Chantelle
Renowed Psychic Chantelle has toured the UK providing evidential mediumship to audiences for over 10 years. Join her for an evening of messages from passed loved ones and enjoy her high energy evening.

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