Men's Circle: What Does It Mean To Be A Man? - Noisily Festival

Men’s Circle: What Does It Mean To Be A Man?

Anthony Butcher & Alex Wilson

In an age of gender fluidity and toxic masculinity, is there still a place in the world for
healthy masculinity? Join us as we explore and share ideas about leadership, community,
and gender roles.

Alex Wilson

Alex, with a passion for events and activations, has successfully led his company for over two decades. Now, he’s redirecting his focus towards self-learning and discovery to enrich his life. Embracing change with an open, kind, compassionate, and playful spirit, Alex creates honest and down-to-earth spaces for exploration and growth.

Anthony Butcher

At 25, Anthony achieved his entrepreneurial goal by successfully developing his metasearch company. Today, he has pivoted to personal development, successfully training and coaching hundreds of people, including athletes, celebrities, and business leaders. Anthony’s resilience work is gaining global attention from highly influential leaders.

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