Pelvic floor workshop -regaining control of your bladder! - Noisily Festival

Pelvic floor workshop -regaining control of your bladder!

A myth busting workshop! 

This workshop is for anyone who has interest in strengthening their core 4 muscle group which includes the Pelvic floor. 

Many women with prolapse are told that surgery is the only option. This is before they have even been given a chance to try and correct their problem through exercise and posture correction. 

In this workshop you will learn how to do a pelvic floor exercise correctly using breath. You will also be introduced to the Hypopressive method that has helped men and women regain bladder control meaning less frequent bathroom visits. Hypopressives can also help with hernias, haemorrhoids and anything else heading south in the body.

Contact Justine Sipprell at or 07951322738

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