Sauna Ceremony - Noisily Festival

Sauna Ceremony

Welcome to your 2 hour immersion into the 4 elements: Earth, Air, Water & Fire!

Rejuvenate your body & mind in communal song, playful ceremony & deep activation of your senses! Both a deep rest & an invigorating sauna blast.

We will be in & out of the sauna & cold-plunge, enjoying the hot-cold therapy goodness for our nervous system, immune system & happy hormone system; while celebrating life, tuning into our connection with nature & embracing this ancient practice of sweating in a hot room with a bunch of other humans!! lol!

This is the full shebang: the perfect blend of meaningful ceremony, indulgent spa-moments & having a good laugh!

There are two Sauna Ceremony Sessions at 10am and 6pm Daily at Hello Sunshine Sauna


NOTE: You MUST book either a day or weekend pass at Hello Sunshine Sauna alongside your space in the Sauna Ceremony. Tickets – Hello Sunshine Sauna

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