Star Medicine Circle - Noisily Festival

Star Medicine Circle

Arkayla & Alex

In these powerful times of authentic self sovereignty and heart opening expansion Arkayla, – Spirit channel, Mystic and Shamanic Healer, – invites you to venture with her into the Dreamtime. This journey into the astral realm offers you an opportunity to receive cosmic transmissions for powerful soul expansion, energetic healing, upgrades and guidance from star beings, Ascended Spiritual Masters and a host of other light holders.


Arkayla has been an active shamanic healer for the last 7 years, regularly running Star medicine circles at different events in Australia and have in recent years starting doing them in Europe.
I am also a channel for spirit and have a YouTube offering that shares messages to guide humanity in this
time of great growth and expansion. My training has come directly from my spirit guides and spiritual mentors in the astral plane, intensive self inquiry and practice.

My website is :
My YouTube is : @arkaylalove
My instagram is : @arkaylalove

Alex Wilson

Alex, with a passion for events and activations, has successfully led his company for over two decades. Now, he’s redirecting his focus towards self-learning and discovery to enrich his life. Embracing change with an open, kind, compassionate, and playful spirit, Alex creates honest and down-to-earth spaces for exploration and growth.

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