The Art & Science of Happiness - Noisily Festival

The Art & Science of Happiness

With Neil Shah

On a global level, we are observing an increasing drive and focus on happiness and
wellbeing. Our research has shown there is a clear formula for human happiness,
with certain factors influencing and contributing to our overall HQ (Happiness

This ‘Introduction To the Art and Science of Happiness’ programme is designed to
explore what we mean by the word ‘happiness’, what makes up our happiness and
how important it is. By introducing our ‘10 Ps of Happiness’ framework, participants
will identify actions to take to prioritise happiness.

This workshop provides you with an opportunity to:
– Explore and understand what happiness means
– Recognise the importance of happiness
– Reflect on and evaluate their own happiness to achieve SMART goals to plan
and prioritise happiness.

You will need to think about an objective or an intention: what do you want to gain
from this workshop?

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