Trickster's Permission Slip - Noisily Festival

Trickster’s Permission Slip

Trickster’s Permission Slip is part poetic storytelling, part movement practice, part reflection and discussion. 

Every culture around the globe has a Trickster archetype in their mythology; a character that resides in the cracks, the in-betweens, the crossroads. A figure that brings chaos to the established order, destroying the old worlds to make way for the new. S/he is the sacred fool, the “speaker of sacred profanities”. 

Driven by appetite, and utterly shameless about it, Trickster (and the humor s/he rides in on) asks us: What do you REALLY want? And how can you be utterly shameless about grabbing hold of it?

On a collective level, this nuanced, paradoxical, contradictory figure offers us a way out of the life-stifling binary thinking that shapes so much of today’s society: right vs wrong, good vs bad, sacred vs profane, male vs female. 

We will explore not only how Trickster can connect us to our own beautifully ravenous appetites for Life, but how s/he can open us up to new modes of being that re-shape the way we think about the world. 

I will share some poetically rendered stories about Trickster that help to bring this character to life, and there will be a fun movement practice to invoke her energy. We will discuss and reflect on the lessons that the Trickster can offer us: 

Lessons in giving ourselves permission to connect with and follow our desires, and lessons that we can take out into the wider world in order to shake things up the f*ck up – with a wink and a cackle and a little jig, too.

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