Warrior Women Workshop - Noisily Festival

Warrior Women Workshop

Facilitators: Philly Chesler & Mother Candice

Embrace your inner goddess in this transformative workshop inspired by Dr. Shakti Malan. Explore body perception, self-love, and unleash the warrior within through body painting and tribal dance. We’ll start by creating the women’s circle, providing a supportive environment for participants to feel truly held and safe while exploring their perceptions of their bodies. Then, in pairs, we’ll peel back layers of self-criticism toward self-love and acceptance. Finally, we’ll end with a tribal dance to release your warrior before sending you freshly embodied and empowered out into the festival, shining your inner lights onto those you encounter

Mother Candice (Candice Quartermain)

Candice dances with the rich tapestry of life, embracing her roles as a mother to two beautiful poems (her children), a wife, a sister, a daughter, a business entrepreneur, and an ambassador of 80 acres of land and a herd of 24 horses. Surviving family sexual and psychological abuse for many years, Candice brings deep empathy and compassion to acknowledging the complexities of generational trauma. Over the past 25 years, she has delivered projects focused on regenerative design and social change, recognised by the World Economic Forum and Forbes as disruptive and world-changing. She’s also the midwife to MotherLove, a community of women dedicated to embodying the change they wish to see in the world. Through immersive experiences and projects, Candice offers guidance, skills, and tools to create transformative change by connecting to one’s true nature that is intelligence, creativity, and compassionate communication.

Philly Chesler

Meet Philly, your seasoned guide on the journey to self-awareness, love, and growth. An intrepid soul explorer and adventurer, Philly traverses the globe in search of practices that reconnect us with our true selves, feminine power, and intuition. Drawing from diverse transformational modalities, including psychology, counseling, and spirituality, she weaves together teachings that resonate with her practice. With extensive training in tantra from various corners of the world, Philly infuses her teachings with practical wisdom and inspirational energy. When not empowering conscious leaders in London or expanding her toolkit, she creates accessible online wellness resources through her platform, www.bookinnerretreats.com.

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