Womb self massage - Noisily Festival

Womb self massage

Ruth Willis.

Come and learn this simple yet effective massage for menstrual and digestive health. Understand how increasing the circulation in your pelvis helps to realign your womb and give you better periods! This workshop is suitable for all women from menarche to menopause and is especially good for pregnant women. 

Ruth has been supporting women with their reproductive health for over 20 years, specialising Freebirth and natural alternatives to hormone therapy. She runs her private practice from her cosy red shed near Newcastle upon tyne.

About Da a Luz

After twenty five years of accompanying families in birth, speaking around the globe Vanessa Brooks director of Daaluzoasis realised there were glaring gaps of necessary knowledge in present midwifery training and a loss understanding of what lays at the heart of the birth keeper.

To serve families with skill, instinct and freedom….

We are proud to present our project to transform midwifery education for a future generation, a sustainable network of autonomous practitioners to support families to birth how,where and with who they wish.

Co director Deborah Rhodes, independent midwife and expert in Breech and twin birth has joined us in the last five years pushing the project towards being a centre of excellence providing balanced training for the birthkeepers

Our school is a beautiful of grid temple in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, a small village called Órgiva that has also become a centre of home/alternative schooling, permaculture and other inspiring off grid projects, a rich and social place to be, dancing and celebrating life is important to us.

We are truly blessed to live in this incredible place

The fertile land is abundant with oranges, lemons, almonds and olives. Many students live off grid in a community setting living here feeds the mind and soul.

We have gathered the sharpest, most passionate minds in midwifery to create a centre of wisdom away from modern medicine, protocol and insurance issues which stop true midwifery from flourishing.

Rather than fighting a non functioning system, we have created a new paradigm… Starting afresh, being the change.

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