You Are A Mushroom Having A Human Experience - Noisily Festival

You Are A Mushroom Having A Human Experience

Darren Le Baron

Darren Le Baron joins us to talk about all things fungi, including the fact that we are mushrooms having a human experience.

Yes that’s correct… did you also know that your ancestors were alien visitors to this planet, they arrived here many moons ago, bringing with them extra-terrestrial resources and technology… plus some special ingredients that would permit life as we know it on the planet we call Earth today.

Darren will be presenting his talk about the history and nature of mycology and its human connections. He will reveal to you the amazing world of fungi, in his usual thought provoking and engaging way.

He will also share some of the latest scientific research, as well as exploring the ancient symbolism of mushrooms. Come and discover the hidden, and in some cases taboo knowledge and how it has become encoded in many cultures in our modern world!

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