With full and happy hearts from all the beauty and brilliance of our ‘Human Connection’ co-creation in Mind Body Soul 2019, we are excited to share our new theme for Noisily MBS 2020 –


The lives of every living organism on earth are magically interwoven, delicate energetic threads knitting our ecosystem together into a planetary intelligent superorganism.

When we look deep enough within ourselves, the understanding of this truth is inherent to our very being. However, destructive patterns of behaviour stemming from separatism and duality – ego and greed – are threatening this fragile living network.

Now more than ever before, it is time to activate from within, opening ourselves to the innate wisdoms that surround us; to receive, feel and manifest this intelligence as our own networks become alive with resonating vibrations – soft healing power growing from the roots up, as nature intended. A new narrative we can all be part of.

For Noisily 2020, we invite you to reconnect with this ancient wisdom. To celebrate the interconnection of all living beings and our planets beauty and abundance. To recognise the importance of re-rooting, grounding and opening ourselves to the frequencies, intelligence and infinite potential of life.

To mindfully heal, regenerate and transform our living story.

We hope this will inspire you all to continue to build and grow Mind Body Soul into the vibrant, soul nourishing community within a festival that it has now become.

The area is a manifestation of one of the 5 core pillars which Noisily rests on:

“We are dedicated to acting as a leading light in the UK’s festival wellness scene, and to being a centre of alternative learning.”

We have a brilliant, receptive and conscious community of people who we aim to mobilise through transformational experience and creative expression, and we want you to help us on that mission. By inspiring personal growth, connection and social responsibility through art, music and healing, we hope to empower the individual to affect real positive change in the world.

Thank you all for sending your applications. We can’t wait to build something really special together for 2020.