Mind Body Soul Applications 2021

Mind Body Soul Yoga class

Applications are now open for Noisily 2021!

With all the magic we were weaving for Mind Body Soul 2020 put on hold this year, we are excited to announce the opening of applications for Noisily 2021. A huge thank you all for your love, support, energies and patience throughout this tricky time – so many of you helped in generating beautiful content, ideas and noise throughout our Save Noisily campaign for which we are very grateful, and without which this exciting shift to 2021 planning would not be possible. 

We will be continuing with our theme, ‘We are Nature‘, which feels as important as ever, and all our wonderful 2020 applications will be transferred over to the 2021 event. We are particularly looking for content that explores and celebrates our precious interconnection with all life on Earth; the wisdoms and healing power that are delicately woven into our incredible living network; and our capacity to seed love, beauty and rooted change, collectively transforming our living story.

As I’m sure we all appreciate, it’s hard to know how things will look next year in terms of spaces, restrictions and numbers, so we are feeling into things together, albeit with open, positive hearts all yearning to reunite under the magical canopy of Coney Woods.

We are reopening applications today, for both new and existing contributors, providing an opportunity for you to edit an existing or submit a new application, with applications closing on December 6th. With potential shifts and new applications in mind, we are not carrying over confirmations to next year’s event, but obviously very much hope to have as many of you involved again as possible. The healing vibrations of our shared discussions, learnings experiences, therapies, sounds and creative energies are so valuable and so needed in these challenging times of transition, so here’s to holding 2021 visions clear and true!

We so look forward to receiving your applications and creating something really special together. 



The lives of every living organism on earth are magically interwoven, delicate energetic threads knitting our ecosystem together into a planetary intelligent superorganism.

When we look deep enough within ourselves, the understanding of this truth is inherent to our very being. However, destructive patterns of behaviour stemming from separatism and duality – ego and greed – are threatening this fragile living network.

Now more than ever before, it is time to activate from within, opening ourselves to the innate wisdoms that surround us; to receive, feel and manifest this intelligence as our own networks become alive with resonating vibrations – soft healing power growing from the roots up, as nature intended. A new narrative we can all be part of.

For Noisily 2021, we invite you to reconnect with this ancient wisdom. To celebrate the interconnection of all living beings and our planets beauty and abundance. To recognise the importance of re-rooting, grounding and opening ourselves to the frequencies, intelligence and infinite potential of life.

To mindfully heal, regenerate and transform our living story.