Mind Body Soul Applications are LIVE!

Calling all thought leaders, healers, yogis, wisdom keepers, ritualists, space holders, performers, embodied explorers, makers, story tellers, scientists, movement practitioners, nature whisperers and everything in between, Mind Body Soul applications are now live & we would love you to join our beautiful, growing community.  

This year we evolve with a new theme, We are Love, an invitation to tune into the power & magic of love’s universal energy field. Please have a read through & feel in below, & follow this link to apply. Applications will be live until 15th January 2023; we so look forward to receiving them & co-creating something really special – thank you all in advance!


We Are Love. In the midst of the swelling seas of change, & as our hierarchical systems gradually disintegrate, this is the vibration that calls us all home, that gifts a welcome belonging & cellular connection to all beings, all life.

This year at Noisily, we choose to celebrate love. In all its magical manifestations, colours, textures & flavours; in its bare-bone essence, a universal energy field that knows no boundaries or division, that simply is. 

Love is not just sunshine & roses, it is patience, surrender, grief & rage; it is taking a pause within the constant of doing; it is reaching out to a friend in need, asking a stranger how they are; it is listening, feeling, welcoming our full emotional spectrum of being. It is Spring’s first tender shoots, the wise old oak yielding itself back to the Earth to make space for the youngers; it is the continuous pulse of the mycelium network, raindrops tumbling down onto parched soil; it is honouring & celebrating the cycles of our incredible living ecosystem.

We welcome this life-force in as our home, to feel its power & embody its grace; to connect with each other with open hearts; to discover, explore, play, move, meditate, create & dance in love. For love is our greatest teacher, our catalyst for growth & change that roots & weaves all life. Together we remember We Are Love.