Mind Body & Soul: Ceremony Songs with Anthar Kharana

Ceremony Songs with Anthar Kharana
University of Life in Mind Body Soul
Saturday : 8 – 11pm
£20 per person (+£1.50 bf)

In this workshop Anthar Kharana from Colombia will be sharing the power of traditional songs used in different ceremonies of the Americas, as a way to pray and consciously create a manifestation our visions. These songs connect us with the spirit world, including the animals of power or Nahuals.

Following the circle join Anthar for the second part of this workshop a traditional Tobacco Ceremony. This was one of the Sacred ways of the Americas to help people to connect with their ancestors and journey deeper into the ancient traditions of praying to the Spirits of Nature to create the life they want. During the ceremony people will receive 4 types of medicine that come from the Grandfather Tobacco, prepared by Anthar each one of them has a purpose and a role within the ceremony, along with praying to different animals of power related to the day of the ceremony.

Anthar is an international Sound Practitioner and also an empiric musician from a long lineage in his family. He is also a Guardian of traditions and medicines of the Americas, guided by wise Elders from his Homeland from an early age, carrying their words alongside his work worldwide. As a Sundancer and Chanupa Carrier (traditions of the North of the Americas) he is one of the Sons of the alliance of the Eagle and Condor, a New Nation united by the agreement of the Elders of the North and South America to become One.


Tobacco Ceremony with Anthar Kharanna
University of Life in Mind Body Soul
Sunday : 6 – 8pm
£10 per person (+£1.50 bf)

A traditional Tobacco Ceremony with Anthar.

Anthar has been traveling around Europe for 14 Years sharing wisdom and lighting fires in the hearts of people through his workshops, concerts, ceremonies, therapies and retreats. He is the Director of Tribal Sound Healing here in the UK and recently he co-created the first school of sound healing in Scotland, The ANSU School of Sound & Tribal Healing Arts.

To book your Tobacco Ceremony, click HERE to buy a voucher, then email healing@noisilyfestival.com  – please include your name, booking number & the full name of this ceremony and we will get back to you with confirmation.