Mind Body Soul Future of Living Venue With “And What?” and Other Microvenues

Over the past few years, Noisily has naturally evolved along with its crowd. A large part of that evolution has been the growth of the Mind Body and Soul area, a response, we think, to the growing desire for people to connect with themselves, others and nature on a deeper level (check out our healing area theme this year.)

It’s to this end that on top of all of the amazing offerings of yoga, food, sound journeys, breathwork & cacao ceremonies to name a few, we’re excited to announce that there will be a number of small new venues in the area in 2019.

The Future of Living – This is a space dedicated to exploring how we can move beyond the current dead end paradigm of destructive never ending consumption. It will feature talks on permaculture, degraded ecosystem restoration, biohacking, healing yourself with natural medicines (including growing your own mushrooms) and other practical ways to support each other move forward into a more positive future. In the evenings, the venue will be taken over by the excellent And What LDN to host a selection of live future thinking World Music and Neo Soul.


The Red Tent – Inspired by the Red Tent Temple movement, this space is primarily designed to be an open safe space for women, and after dark it will be a ladies only area for open discussions.

In the day time, this carefully curated space will be open to everyone: it will be used to explore deeper layers of sexuality and being, hosting a variety of healing and discussion circles, intimate workshops, and daily unprogrammed sessions available open for any ladies who want to lead a workshop or circle on issues they feel are alive in them.


Interobangs Cinema – At Noisily we feel that as well as delving into these deep issues which make us all tick, it’s equally important to be as silly as possible, which is why we’ve invited the irreverant Interobangs Cinema to be a part of the festival this year. Featuring deeply strange visual feasts including 80’s workout videos, Crufts with acid techno soundtracks, movie karaoke and an artfully curated selection of psychedelic documentaries from our very own DJ ipcress.  


Shanti’sFinally, we all occasionally need a bit of a break from the plethora of delicious repetitive beats on offer in the main arena, so this year, Shanti’s are bringing a beautiful space to chill out in, eat yummy healthy food and enjoy an amazing array of live world music, spoken word and other creative treats.