Mind Body Soul Super Attraction Gets Green Light for 2019

Since its inaugural edition in 2016 the Mind Body Soul area has grown into a festival in its own right. In fact, a recent survey found that for 25% of attendees it is their number one reason for coming to the festival. Bolstering figures without a doubt!

2019 will be the area’s 4th birthday, making it half the age of Noisily, and 1 year younger than HRH Prince George.

To celebrate this momentous occasion we have been collaborating with some of our long standing contributors to create a “Super Attraction”, which will be designed to work on all areas of your physicality and metaphysical omnipresence, cultivating an internal resonance the likes of which are only usually experience by Tibetan monks upon reaching enlightenment. The best bit, we’ll get you there in 17 minutes and all for the price of a return ticket from Bristol to Portishead!

The interactive experiential attraction will be part of our all new Transformogenous Space, conceptualised by the Noisily core team, curated by our friends at the Psy Soc, and executed by you the punter.

We don’t want to give too much away, but imagine if you will a fully immersive interactive theatre experience, much like Punch Drunk, or the recently resurrected Crystal Maze.

Participants will be invited into our Kambo Lodge in the woods, wherein you will strip down to your underpants and have your BMI measured. Once this has been established you will have three small holes burnt into your skin at the base of your spine, and our expert physicians will administer an excessive amount of the Amazonian frog poison, in the hope it will send your nervous system into a state of shock.

Now you may think this sounds a little unpleasant, and if we’re honest it absolutely will be! You will most likely lose control of all bodily function and defecate all over yourself, however we’re all friends at Noisily so you won’t feel at all embarrassed, and fear not as our friends over at SOAK will be ready to hose you down before you are hog tied and dunked into a specially sanctioned hot tub filled with stewing Iboga (the root, not the record label, although we can’t promise Emok won’t be in there).

From here on out things will naturally start to get a bit spicy, at which point you’ll be ushered into the aforementioned Transformogenous Space wherein Sonic Enchantment aficionado Lu:cid will drench your ears in a specially designed, never before heard frequency, comprised almost entirely of what industry professionals know as “The Pink Note”. N.B. It is worth noting that exposure to these hertz will induce immediate and uncontrollable orgasm.

Once finished everyone will get a complimentary tarot reading and simultaneous rub down from one of our massage therapists, and at this point some of you may want to divert into Psychedelic Welfare to grab some refreshments (think herbal tea and gluten free macaroons).

The final, (dairy free) icing on the cake comes in the form of a banquet for one and all. Honest Edibles will be providing a meal made entirely of Prana, which promises to leave you feeling energised and pumped for an evening on the dance floors of Coney Woods!

For more information buy a ticket and head to the info stand in our Mind Body Soul area.


Terms and Conditions: Participants must be between 35 and 35 a 3 months of age, have dark black hair and bright blue eyes, and their favourite film must be either Hellraiser of The Holiday, but they absolutely cannot like both. N.B. VR headsets will provided to all.