Art Intercollective

Art Intercollective – an exploration of colour with Emma Philippa Maeve

Friday 1400 – 1600 | UNITE

Emma’s workshops are explorations of our inner selves – from emotions to how we feel when we allow ourselves to connect with nature and each other using art therapy techniques.

Scientifically, colours have been proven to affect our moods and perception – this circle will be an intimate and sensorial exploration of colour, and how it changes our mood. The invitation will be to connect into Earth’s elements and sensory colours, and to really feel the colourful living connections of our web, both seen and unseen.

About Emma – An applied artist who is inspired by the beauty of the world, emotion and the connection that we have with our emotions and understanding of how we relate with one another. Emma Philippa Maeve allows herself to be viewed by others within her work and this weekend will be a way to truly connect with each other, meeting like-minded people interested in nature, the environment, art, wellbeing and immersing in a meditative state to empower each individual to create work that is true to themselves and sings in the collective.