Ayurveda with Gemma & Sophie

It brings us so much joy to share the wisdom of Ayurveda at this beautiful festival.

The roots of Ayurveda took hold in India 5000 years ago and continue to flourish in the modern age. This wisdom incorporates mind, body and spirit to establish abundant health.


1 hour £40 

Within a relaxing haven we will offer Ayurvedic consultations to discover your unique constitution and to correct any imbalances in your system using diet, lifestyle and herbal remedies.

Perfect if you have a disorder or simply want to optimise your wellbeing!

Traditional Ayurvedic Face Massage:

30 minutes £25

After identifying your unique skin type according to its dosha, you’ll receive a 20 minute facial massage with herbal oil and marma point activation. Lastly, a hot towel bathed in tailored herbs is applied to the face.

Perfect for a mid-festival glow!

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage:

30 minute £25
1 hour £40 

AYM gives the benefit of a deep tissue massage, whilst also allowing total relaxation and full body stretches that unite you to your breath; leaving you to feel realigned and grounded.

Perfect for achy limbs from dancing!

To book please contact Gemma direct: gemmamarie.ayurveda@outlook.com