BLOSSOM with Catherine Perry

SUNDAY | 18:00 – 19:15 | BODY

BLOSSOM weaves therapeutic wisdom with mindful flow, freestyle ecstatic movement & dancing to create an uplifting transformative space!

Using freestyle movement and dancing BLOSSOM helps people learn how to LET GO & BLOSSOM against the backdrop of a beautiful & VIBEY melodic & euphoric playlist!

During the class participants will cultivate self-compassion & self-love, see their fears and gather the courage to gently move beyond them.

The class helps people connect back to their bodies, the world, each other, and ultimately, to LOVE.

Catherine (@almondblossomyoga) is a yoga & intuitive movement teacher & also a specialist CBT therapist specialising in body image healing.  

Catherine’s passion is helping people to believe in themselves by guiding people to connect back to their own inner wisdom & supporting people to find freedom & release through movement.