Body Art

Body Art with Pashet

Saturday 19:00 – 21:00 | CRAFT

Body painting through the ages has always been a precursor for ceremony and celebration. My patterns are inspired by the natural world and its diverse rhythmic pulse. Fascinated by human nature I often find myself moving from canvas to painting on skin and staying true to an intuitive signature style I call encoded sensations. To me painting on the body is a reminder of the energy waves and particles we are made of. Amplify this rhythm and flow with patterns of the rainbow. The colours represent clear waters, fresh air, bountiful earth, resonant fire, sun rays, electric moon, star-seeds and our mystical cosmos. I use body paints that let the pores breathe and are easily washed off with water. When the brush touches your skin it becomes a meditative journey in silence or in communication… Reminding us of our very being, as works of art here on this earth.