SATURDAY | 10:30 – 12:00 | SOUL

You are a rhythmic being… every aspect of your body vibrates with life, from your heartbeat to your hormones. However, your breath is the only cycle you can consciously control, but it holds untapped potential to conduct your entire nervous system, increase energy, induce calmness, and create deep states of renewal.

By slowing your breath, you can synchronise your biorhythms and achieve incredible health benefits. This is where the concept of “Resonance Breathing” comes in. Bestselling yoga author, Tom Granger, has spent years meeting and training with the best teachers, inventors, and scientific researchers to develop a practice that incorporates the most beneficial aspects of this technique.

In this workshop, Tom will share his most interesting research findings and guide you through a calming, flowing practice that prepares your body for meditation. Through simple, fluid movements and soothing tones, you’ll learn to breathe softly and slowly, in equal amounts. This will synchronise your biorhythms, bringing them into harmony (literally!)

As you breathe and synchronise your internal rhythms, the perceptive pathways inside your body become clearer, allowing you to access your rich inner world. This effect is felt somatically as a deeply calm state throughout your bodymind. Ultimately, this practice is a reminder that we are love – that by tapping into the potential of our breath, we can synchronise with the rhythms of the universe and embody our true nature as vibrational beings of love and light.