Cacao Ceremony & Harmonising Sound Journey with Annabelle Stapleton-Crittendon & Arjun Magee

SUNDAY | 11:45 – 13:15 | SOUL | £20

Communing first together in a cacao ceremony, we welcome the powerful heart-opening spirit of this medicine and its ability to illuminate the wisdom of our bodies. We will then have the opportunity to activate our intuitive voices before moving into a long sound healing journey guided by two, with gong, crystal bowls, bansuri flutes, mridanga drum, hand pan, guitar, kora, shruti, voice, chimes, rattles and more.

This is an offering to know ourselves more intimately, create greater harmony within (body-mind-spirit) and to tend to the fire of our hearts with loving tenderness and honest presence.

The cacao we are drinking is from an organic ecological plantation in the Lacandona jungle of Chiapas, Mexico, where it’s tended and prepared for ceremonial use by a Mayan family.

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