Cacao Ceremony, Voice Activation & Song Circle

Cacao Ceremony, Voice Activation & Song Circle with Lani Rocillo

Sunday 13:00 – 14:30 | SOUL | ┬ú20

To be able to freely express our voice as we are is a profound remembrance of how we can be in every day life. 

The  voice is our unique soul signature that has an innate capacity to access and release energetic blocks embedded in the cellular memory.  When the Voice is given space for intuitive expression, our ilife force naturally increases and our inborn creative gifts rises to be realised.  The participants will be guided to intimately attune to their inner process and voice what is being felt in the living moment.  This is a powerful practice within a safe space that encourages embodied presence, authentic expression and deep self-connection.

After the practice, we will flow into a beautiful sharing of hearts and songs.

The ceremony will involve a sacred cacao ceremony, where we drink a rich brew of the plant Cacao. A plant medicine that powerfully opens the heart and attunes us to our feeling body – restoring emotional balance, heightening sensory perception and freeing creative expression.

The Cacao we will be communing with comes from Guatemala, lovingly grown and shared by the guardians of the Tz┬┤utujil Mayan tribe.