Chala Ayurveda

Chala Ayurveda – Ayurvedic Therapies | Consultations, Traditional Facial Massage, Pinda Sweda and Full Body Ayurvedic Yoga Massage | OPEN ALL WEEKEND

It brings us so much joy to return to this beautiful festival to share the ancient Ayurvedic knowledge of disease prevention and how to have abundant health.

Gemma and Sophie are passionate about bridging the gap between current modern day disorders and the ancient wisdom locked inside Ayurveda to make it accessible and easy to apply to your life. 

During this festival we will be offering multiple Ayurvedic therapies; Consultations, Traditional Facial Massage, Pinda Sweda and Full Body Ayurvedic Yoga Massage.

To pre-book or enquire please email


In our 1 hour consultation we will establish your unique doshic constitution using ancient Ayurvedic theories. 

With this information we will provide; diet, lifestyle and herbal guidance to rebalance your whole self. Whether you are suffering with a disorder or simply curious about how to maximise your overall wellness you will be given tools to get you back on the path of health.

1 hour £55 + cost of herbs (these are posted after the festival) 

Traditional Ayurvedic Facial Massage

Avabhashini, the outer most skin layer can indicate inner health and aura of the individual.

A mini Ayurvedic consultation to identify your specific skin dosha. Followed by a 20 minute facial massage with herbal oil and marma point activation, for a vibrantly awakened mind.

Perfect for anyone looking for a refreshing glow mid festival or deep relaxation.

30 mins (oil and marma) = £35

60 mins (oil, marma and pack) = £50

Pinda Sweda

A traditional practice where warmed medicated oils are massaged onto the skin followed by a hot herbal poultice (all chosen specifically for your dosha). Benefits include; relieves joint pain, enhances flexibility, soothes nerves, relaxes muscles and reduces stress.

  • 40 mins shoulder neck head = £40
  • 40 mins Lower Back = £40
  • 30 mins Knees = £35

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

AYM is a dynamic floor-based therapy that combines fully body deep tissue massage with assisted yoga stretches and breath-work to leave you feeling deeply relaxed.

It’s great for anyone seeking some wellbeing maintenance as it gives you a chance to unwind and reunite with your breath whilst helping you to go deeper in stretches you might not usually be able to access.

90 mins £90, 60 mins £60, 30 mins £35