Courage & Connection

Courage & Connection – a yoga, breathwork, meditation & sound workshop with The Bodart Practice

FRIDAY | 15:00 – 16:30 | BODY

East meets West as we blend traditional psychology with yoga, breathwork, meditation and sound healing. 

We start by exploring modern love. What is love? What does self-love look like and how do we connect lovingly with others? What blocks or resistances might we find along the path to love? 

We bring in the body connection as Cheryl guides a kundalini kriya and breathwork practice. The kriya will focus on opening the body up to feeling sensations and grounding in the 4th chakra (Anahata) and what it feels like to connect to the heart space. We will build a safe container to explore where we hold our emotions and any heaviness or anxiety through the gentle awareness of body sensations. With conscious and somatic movement and breath, we learn how to shift our emotions and release unconscious mind-body blocks. We allow time to relax and integrate the kriya, and breathwork with the sound of gong / nidra yoga to help the nervous system self-regulate and experience a stillness and calmness to go within. Finally we anchor the heart centre through meditation. We connect to the emotional body and feel the core of our being vibrate and talk to us in the silent language of the body. 

We hold space for reflections and sharing as we come back to the present moment and reconnect to each other.