Dance of Serpent, Flight of Eagle

Dance of Serpent, Flight of Eagle – an elemental somatic dance with Helene Su

SATURDAY | 15:00 – 16:30 | BODY | £20

Dance with two of the most powerful animals in the ancient world, the snake for awakening our vital life force; and the eagle who connects us to the divine. 

We renew from inside out, for new beginnings, to dream big and bold.

For the Chinese the power of the snake is nothing short of awakening, initiation and total transformation. We renew from the inside out, as we redefine our sense of self.

And as we shed our outmoded layers, we call in the clarity of the almighty eagle. In native american medicine the eagle has the power to soar above the mundane in life, and gain a higher perspective.

This is a dance…for new beginnings

to go far and beyond

to gain a higher perspective

to aspire to dream big and bold.