Dancing with the Ancestors

Dancing with the Ancestors – An ethnographic account of ancient dance & psychedelic culture with Jackie Anderson

Jackie’s life and are passion are dancing.  Dancing to psychedelic trance music is one of the most transformatory experiences to have and she wants to share that experience with others. Her  wider interests are researching the connections between psytrance and dance both ancient and modern; to formulate the exciting potential of where dance will lead us in the future once our knowledge of the past irevealed by modern day practices.  Within the current renaissance of interest in psychedelic studies, she wishes to further investigate dance specifically within psychedelic dance culture and psytrance. You will find her at the left speaker on a psytrance dancefloor!

She has been a keen attendee at psytrance events since 2004 and wants to chronicle UK psyculture. She is formulating the Psynergiser Dance Foundation which is about positive energy sharing while dancing at the heart of the psytrance scene – as energiser pace dancers.  She created and organised the Ravenshaman Psychedelic Trance Gathering for four years providing a festival experience from the dancer’s perspective. She have the ability to be a maker – to get things up and running whether it is a political party (The Reality Party, Salford Green Party, Salford Friends of the Earth, Barton Moss Anti Fracking group) or running psychedelic culture groups such as the Centre for Psytrance and Psyculture, Psyfamily UK, and Global Psyfamily. She is currently undertaking PhD ethnographic research about UK psyculture, its practice, principles and benefits.