Deep Sym

Deep Sym – See your breath transform into light

Evenings in CRAFT

Sym ( is an immersive interactive experience synthesising technology, art and wellbeing. Using custom sensors, deep slow diaphragmatic (belly) breathing is visualised in moving soothing lights, creating a beautiful relaxing space to unwind in. A space to connect to breath, to yourself and to others. Breathing through the belly is something we naturally do as babies, yet as adults need to be reminded to be conscious of. Diaphragmatic breathing activates the parasympathetic nervous system, improving physical, emotional and cognitive states overall. You can experience Sym together with a partner or new friends as each participant’s breath is visualised in a different colour, and when in sync, the lamps animate with joyful rainbows. Sym is for symbiosis – a beneficial process in nature where connections beyond the self improve the overall ecology of being.