Discovering Stillness

Discovering Stillness through Music & Self-Inquiry with Niall McGuigan

Friday 1915 – 2045 | SOUL

Niall McGuigan is a touring musician and music therapist from Ireland, sharing stories about self-discovery, spirituality, and self-inquiry. Currently living in the Netherlands and working with the GGZ in the area of forensic music therapy, he also works freelance producing workshops, voicework, story-telling & live music performances. .

His own ethos aligns with that of Noisily, and as such his workshops which are based in the discovery of our true nature and ourselves as nature, fits perfectly within our program.

The aim of this workshop is to provide participants with the space to recognize their true nature as awareness. To recognise that they are already awake and that through the process of self-inquiry we can learn to recognise the patterns and movements of the psychological mind that keep us in a dream state. Through the messages of the songs and storytelling, participants can experience an internal space, the inner world, and an embodied understanding of how self-inquiry can help bring more freedom and peace into their lives.