Earth Altars

Earth Altars – Weaving the Magical & Mystical into Land Art with Michelle & Jodie Scott

MBS | All Weekend

Living by the ocean in Cornwall has gifted twins Michelle & Jodie Scott numerous hours combing the shorelines collecting shells,rocks & driftwood, from which they weave and sculpt their impressive land based art, ‘Earth Tapestry’.

Their creations include various sacred symbols & intricate Celtic patterns, invoking a sense of beauty, prayer, connection and ultimately belonging.

In recent years, the Twins have received annual invites from festivals (Medicine, All About Love, Love Jam) to come and create unique pieces of land art to inspire, enchant, uplift, move and wow audiences.

We are so excited to be welcoming them to Noisily this year, where they will be weaving their magic around the fountain in Mind Body Soul & holding ceremonies throughout the weekend to offer your prayers & intentions into this beautiful living co-creation.