Temple Fusion Belly Dance

Temple Fusion Belly Dance Workshop with Justina Azrienne

FRIDAY | 13:15 – 14:45 | ONCE IN A BLUE MOON
SUNDAY | 13:15 – 14:45 | ONCE IN A BLUE MOON

This workshop is specifically designed to get you seamlessly slinking from one isolation to the next.
As we deep dive into the ultimate serpentine feminine embodiment. We will travel through the foundation of Tribal fusion belly dance revealing the secrets of isolations, shapes and elegant arm patterns to create the serpentine effect focusing on the art of slow and sensual ooey gooey movements, control technique, Hypnotic hip work and much so much more!

Justina Azrienne has been training, performing and teaching in belly dance for 16 years, Captivated and drawn in by the beauty and empowerment of the female form and the ancient remembering that belly dance brings. Justina studied with the founders of Tribal fusion belly dance style, while travelling the world and performing for headlining international acts at electronic music festivals and teaching workshops globally.

azrienne sacred dance (@embodiment.bellydance)