Embodied Resilience

Embodied Resilience with Chloe Maxwell

SATURDAY | 10:00 – 11:00 | MIND

We can not control nor would we choose the difficult moments of our lives…But these moments can be a power pause, where we each fully harness what we have influence over; our thoughts, feelings and actions. 

 It is within our power to observe ourselves, our reactions, our thoughts and emotions. To hone our skills: 

💫Of interoception, to become aware of the physical sensations of anxiety and stress in our body.  

💫To hone our skills of introspection, to notice the story’s attached to the emotions that we feel.  

💫To hone our exteroception, awareness of the environment external to us that influences us 

💫We observe, we listen, we notice. We pause, breathe and take stock before we respond.  

 Sometimes it is only through a negative catalyst that we are forced to rise, to evolve, to remind ourselves of all the positive truths about our capacity and life generally, in these moments we are reminded of our strengths and resources. 

 “The ground beneath my feet shook a little. But the feet upon which I stand are sturdy.” – Chloe Maxwell

This is embodied resilience in action, responding to life with confidence, clarity and integrity. 

I’ve spent the last 10 years training and studying in behavioural change psychology, positive psychology, mindfulness, many movement modalities, transformational coaching,  as well as researching the neuroscience behind it all. Join me for a talk to dip your toe into embodied resilience, a moment to pause and notice what is alive and true for you, to meet yourself with love and compassion.