Dance of the Archetypes

Embodying Archetypes dance workshop with Gaia Harvey-Jackson

Friday 1900 – 2100 | BODY

Archetypes represent different facets of our psyche. They are a personification of certain qualities and behaviours that can be recognised in the human experience throughout all time, and across all cultures. We see this manifested in the similarities between the deities, and myths around the world.

This work is about deep self enquiry to understand our way of being in the world, so that we can notice where our shadows are playing out, and bring awareness to how we need to grow, in order to become whole.

In this 2 hour dance we’ll be bringing 5 archetypes to life through music and movement, to receive their embodied wisdom, and activate their potential:

The Fool – Play, lightness, creativity
The Warrior – Rage, boundaries, clarity
The Lover – Sensuality, beauty, flow
The Sovereign – Power, leadership, celebration
The Sage – Wisdom, serenity, stillness

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