Energy in Motion

Energy in Motion – A Journey Through the Elements with Charlotte Taylor & Uschi Classen

FRIDAY | 17:15 – 18:30 | BODY

Connect to the shifting landscapes within yourself, through a ceremony of yoga, free movement, stillness, and sound. You will leave feeling more at peace with the energy of your emotions, and more at home in your body.

Charlotte will be your loving guide through this journey which begins upon the earth. Once grounded, we flow through water as you access your own waves and fluidity, rising up into the dancing roaring energy of fire where you can burn through what no longer serves

you, into the swirling freedom and expansiveness of air, back down to rest and recentre on the earth.

Uschi will create the shimmering soundscape using a combination of singing bowls, instruments, and music to match the energies of each element. 

As you feel the vibrations resonate throughout your body, you will be encouraged to honour your own energy and emotions as they move through you.