Faire Folk with India Blue

SATURDAY | 19:00 – 20:00 | ONCE IN A BLUE MOON

India Blue is a contemporary Faerie-Folk musician and songwriter based in the South East of England. Drawing inspiration from spirituality, history, folk tales, nature and the complexities of being ‘human.’ Mainly self-accompanied by her Celtic harp, piano, and many other strings, India weaves together poetic lyrics and ethereal, sometimes moody melody. “The piano veers between mournful and exotic; the voice is somehow frail and supple at the same time; the lyrics go down all manner of dark rabbit holes.” – Hastings Independent Press.

Last year India self-released her debut studio album ‘The Circus Came and Left’ which was patiently awaited, and highly acclaimed, including this statement from Nick Pelling of HIP “It may well become a folk classic.” 

Right now, in between festivals, India is dedicating herself to learning songs and skills on her new harp Silmari, practising Bhakti yoga and devotional singing, and writing… lots.