Gaia Kundalini

Gaia Kundalini with Josephine Cookson

FRIDAY 9 – 1030 | UNITE

Focusing on this year’s theme We Are Nature, in this seated Kundalini yoga workshop we will flow with the elements to explore Asana, Breathwork, Kriya and Meditation in a ceremonial space.

Grounding through the Muladhara chakra, we enhance our connection to Gaia, breathing into Anahata chakra we will open up to the love of the heart space, and ascending into Sahasara chakra we will tune into and connect with the great cosmos.

Consciously stimulating the energy body and aligning with the energy centres we will leave the workshop feeling grounded, open hearted, connected and energised for a weekend full of soul enhancement, deep connection, magic and love.  

Josephine’s Kundalini workshops focus on aligning the mind, body and soul through the connection and expansion of the chakra energy centres and the immersion into the energy body. 

She blends Classical Kundalini yoga with Yogi Bhajan techniques and teachings from other spiritual traditions to create an intuitive and unique style of Kundalini yoga held in a ceremonial space. 

Join Josephine as she opens Unite with this beautiful grounding & opening workshop, then weaving you all into the 2022 opening ceremony.