Getting to the Heart of Psychedelics

Getting To the Heart Of Psychedelics: The Good, The Bad, and the Very Very Ugly – a panel discussion with Dr David Luke, Eirini Ketzitzidou-Argyri, Akua Ofosuhene & Zoe Cormier

SATURDAY | 14:15 – 15:45 | MIND

Whether its healing trauma, relieving depression, nourishing empathy, fuelling anti-war movements and even increasing connection to nature and our ability to tackle climate change, there seemingly isn’t anything that a magical psychedelic trip can’t do based on the latest studies and effusive media headlines.

But is it really all roses and sunshine? Is it really true that psychedelics gift you an open heart or open mind? Since Aztec priests used mushrooms in violent rituals involving human sacrifice, psychedelics have been used for evil as well as good: twisted experiments on prisoners and the disabled (without their consent), weaponized as tools for interrogation and torture by the military, and today embraced by a whole new breed of self-absorbed narcissists, violent psychopaths, sexual abusers and fanatical cult leaders – plus thousands of rapacious capitalists who are only interested in lining their wallets.

Join psychedelic elder statesman and academic Dr David Luke of Greenwich University,  Co-founder of Hub and Culture Akua Ofosuhene, transdisciplinary and psychedelic researcher Eirini Ketzitzidou-Argyri of Exeter University, and author and journalist Zoe Cormier for a lively, funny, disturbing and controversial panel on the dark side of psychedelics.