Go With The Flo

Go With The Flo: Therapeutic Creative Writing Sessions with Flora Ogilvy

FRIDAY | 17:00 – 18:00 | CRAFT

Join Flora Ogilvy (aka Go With The Flo – @gowiththeflopoetry) for a chance to playfully explore your creativity and find healing therapy & catharsis through writing.  Each session will start with a short guided meditation, some breath-work and some free-writing before we move onto games and writing exercises which should loosen everyone up, kick imaginations into gear and hopefully lead participants to greater confidence in their writing, as well as offering insight into their own thoughts, feelings, habits, blocks, fears, hopes and dreams.  And, although entirely optional (privacy greatly respected), you’ll also be given the chance to share snippets of your work at intervals throughout the session, providing extra opportunity for release.  These workshops are specifically designed around finding freedom, self-expression and the expression of love – the truest of Noisily vibes.  So come along and let your pen dance across the page just like your limbs dance across the stage!