Grounding Ritual

Grounding Ritual with Charlie Cheeseman

FRIDAY | 9:00 – 10:30 | UNITE

There is a moment between landing at Noisily and the opening ceremony, a sacred pause. An opportunity to arrive in your body, to clear anything you don’t want to carry with you this weekend, so that you can give your full presence to the woods. 

This workshop is an embodied ritual, working with breathwork, movement, meditation and sound to calibrate to your centre before it all begins. 

Guided by Charlie, a certified breathwork facilitator, we’ll move through four stages:

Grounding: the stabilising energy of the earth element, anchoring and orienting the body, nervous system regulation.

Clearing: the transformative energy of the fire element, alchemising blocks and limiting beliefs.

Connecting: the expansive, communicative energy of the air element, feeling into the physical and subtle bodies, deepening connections.

Resourcing: the fluid and adaptive energy of the water element, healing and replenishing. Self care practices to support your mental and emotional wellbeing through the weekend.

We’ll intentionally turn towards the full spectrum of sensations, emotions, thoughts, and energies that arise within, welcoming our wholeness, our messiness, our weirdness and our aliveness!

After the workshop, for those who wish to, we’ll gather and weave into the main opening ceremony together for lift off.