Herbal Yoga – Rose

Herbal Yoga – Rose – a workshop with Daisy Hatton

Friday 1415 – 1630 | UNITE

In this workshop we will weave the worlds of herbalism and yoga. Bringing into focus the importance of nurturing the outer world as well as our inner world, to honour the relationship between us and plants.

Through ceremony of sensory herbalism, tea tasting and meditation we will be getting to know the herb Rose. Taking our time to connect with its powers as a medicine on a physical and spiritual level.

We will then continue our journey with Rose by embodying its properties in a Hatha yoga class, softly opening the heart space to nurture a sense of connectedness with ourselves, nature and the rest of noisily!

Its time to nurture our inner herbal wisdom buried in all of us, to slow down and connect deeper to the nature that belongs inside and outside of us.

Daisy is a qualified hatha-vinyasa yoga teacher. And spends a lot of time growing and preparing herbal medicine on land in Portugal.