Homecoming – Three keys to free the heart when navigating challenging relationships with Summer Forest & Esther Nicklin

SUNDAY | 915 – 1045 | UNITE

When we have a breakdown in communication with someone in our lives be it a partner, friend, family member or colleague it hurts. This can be incredibly disempowering especially when we have no control over the other’s response and feel stuck in our own stories. Or perhaps a relationship has ended, but the pain of feeling unresolved lives on. 

When we shut down our hearts in one area of our lives, we often find ourselves blocked and shut down in others. How can we get “unstuck” and open our hearts again? How can we return to peace and empowerment within ourselves?

In our time together we will discuss three essential keys to free our hearts in times of difficulty including the not-so-secret (and not so easy) key to peace: surrender. We will then do a short guided visualization and meditation practice to move toward healing the challenging relationships in our lives. And finally, we will close with a Reiki healing from Esther Nicklin to send us off grounded and supported. 

The ideas in this workshop draw philosophically from three rich streams: the concept of surrender in the Bhagavad Gita, the Tibetan Buddhist practice of Tonglen and the spiritual text A Course In Miracles. 

Free your heart. Let love win. Take a stand for peace.

Led by Summer Forest. Featuring support from Reiki Master Esther Nicklin.