Intimate Storytelling

Intimate Storytelling – a workshop with Lonan Jenkins

Sunday 1430 – 1600 | UNITE

Sometimes we struggle to find our voice, and it can be challenging to engage and connect with people authentically. Feeling self-conscious in our communication can feel suffocating, and can distract us to the point it jeopardises our personal and professional relationships. In this 1.5 hour workshop, Lonan will introducing key storytelling techniques through playful practices, to warm up our minds and bodies.
We’ll then learn how to weave these skills into everyday conversations with family, friends, lovers or co-workers, to improve how we hold ourselves in our communication, from catch up chats to important, looming discussions, and from first dates to interviews. Lonan will guide you through storytellers’ secrets in a fun, liberating and expressive way, with the aim of setting you up to share your own stories with character, compassion and confidence.

Lonan is a storyteller, teacher, performer, writer, workshop facilitator, and wedding celebrant. Narratives, intimacy and human connection are always at the heart of what he does.

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