Cacao Ceremony 

Cacao Ceremony – A Journey through the Andean Medicine Wheel with Hazel Joanna

FRIDAY | 16:30 – 18:30 | UNITE | £20

Hazel delivers authentic cacao ceremonies within the lineage of the seven rays of the high Andes.

Her ceremonies are a musical adventure using a mixture of movement, breath and visualisation Taking participants on a shamanic journey through the medicine wheel connecting to animal allies, the elements, mother nature and all that lies between to shimmy and shake away all that no longer serves and make way for the new supported by the heart opening medicine of cacao.

Please arrive before starting time to settle in. Avoid eating an hour before the ceremony.

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About the facilitator

Hazel is passionate about creating sacred space. After delving deeply into her own healing and experiencing the powerful benefits of both breathwork and plant medicine she went onto train with ‘Celtic Breathwork’ and ‘Anchoring the light’. Originally from the Uk, Hazel moved to India in 2004 to pursue a career in Bollywood. She met with success but after ten years in Mumbai she was burned out and disillusioned and it was here that her journey back to wellness and equilibrium began. Though her path is very different now her love of dance and music continues and she brings that into all of her work. Her ceremonies are an ecstatic mixture of movement, breathwork and visualisation.

Instagram @phosforescence