Jus Gana Art 


Over the years James has come to understand and learn the practices of flow and intuition with the arts… James loves all things abstract and flow. With a very individual technique to his art, James lets the pen flow and glide intuitively with an empty mind creating a story from within. Starting with a dot and expanding through the surface the flowing meditation creates intriguing images that are worldly, psychedelic, tribal & ethnic patterns.

James has taken part in many live draws and gallery events across the Uk… including Love Jam, Noisily, Virgo, Medicine Festival & more  and encourages passers by to get sone paper out and start drawing to..

James has a fun, vibrant and most unique style and regularly runs workshops..

Insta : @jusgana 
Facebook : Jus Gana Art 
Website : www.jusganaart.com