Kreatter – – Darren Nailer | TRAVELLING TEMPLE OF ARTS

After getting my BA(hons) in Graphic Design and spending some time in several design rolls it became clear that I wasn’t suited to office culture. I started working on the festival and events scene 20 years ago, gradually building my reputation as a creative instigator. About 10 years ago I went fully feral and sacked off the office jobs and I am now self-employed doing what I love full time working on creative projects across the spectrum. More recently I rebranded myself as Kreatter Kreatter | Facebook to encapsulate my artwork and event decor installations into one entity. My unique artwork and illustration style mixes hand drawn ink work with digital enhancements. My influences are visionary art, ancient symbolism and sacred geometry.

It was a full on and thrilling year last year with the festival scene returning in full force. It was truly inspiring to see how many creatives had made huge improvements to the music and art they were producing. As well as creating new work for 2023 projects, I felt the need to revisit some older pieces of work and bring them up to date with the new skills and tools I myself had been busy mastering. This has resulted in me creating a very pleasing updated digital portfolio that includes many of my older hand drawings and paintings, now enhanced for the application of digital media.